Accessory Dwelling Units

On July 17, 2018, the City Council approved and updated an ordinance for accessory apartments or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). In addition to complying with State legislation, this new ordinance makes it easier for residents to own and operate ADUs within Cedar Hills. To encourage residents to register accessory apartments, the city has streamlined a registration process. Below are instructions on how to register an Accessory Apartment and the benefits of registering your apartment.

How to Register an Accessory Apartment:

  • Complete the checklist/registration form: Accessory Apartment Registration

  • Include site plan (instructions and checklist of items needed on site plan are provided on the registration form).

  • Signed Affidavit (requires a notary.): Accessory Apartment Affidavit

  • Pay a one-time registration fee of $40 – Registration fees will only be assessed once per homeowner.


Benefits to Registering an Accessory Apartment

  • Initial impact fees will no longer be assessed to an Accessory Apartment (ADU). Only one (1), one-time registration fee will be accessed per home owner.

  • Existing ADUs that have not yet been registered with the City may qualify for some exceptions to the updated code (Certificate of Occupancy will still be required).

  • Meet State requirements for City Moderate Income Housing (see explanation below). This may keep money/grants within the city for Cedar Hills.

The State Legislature passed a law, which mandates that cities plan for moderate income housing growth by adopting a moderate income housing plan. Cities are also now required to report and publish data indicating the number of housing units in the city that qualify as low-income and moderate-income. While Cedar Hills does not have any housing that would qualify as low-income, there are some accessory apartments that will qualify as moderate-income housing. In order for the City of Cedar Hills to comply with this new legislation, the City Council recently approved an updated ordinance relating to ADUs. In addition to complying with State Legislation, the new ordinance makes it easier for residents to own and operate ADUs within Cedar Hills.

Property owners may complete registration of an existing apartment within two (2) years of the passing of Ordinance 17-17-2018A. After July 17, 2021, properties with unregistered apartments may be subject to a $500 fine.

Please see registration form and City code requirements below. Completed registration form and fee must be submitted to the City of Cedar Hills at 10246 N Canyon Road, Cedar Hills, Utah.

Ordinance: 05-18-2021A Accessory Dwelling Units

While the City wants to make the process of building and registering an ADU easier, homeowners who wish to have an ADU will still be required to meet building code requirements. Examples are: smoke detectors, electrical, plumbing, handrails, etc. City Ordinances that apply to single-family homes, such as off-street parking will apply to ADUs. A complete list of these ordinances may be found on the Accessory Apartment Ordinance above.

For more information, please contact the Zoning and Code Enforcement Department at 801-785-9668, ext. 500.