Burn Permits 2024

Burn permit applications are only available during the permit season (March 30th to May 30th.) You may visit American Fork Fire Department at 96 North Center Street if you wish to apply in-person. In-person burn permits are only sold M-TH 7am-6pm.

For questions, call 801-763-3045.

Click Here to view Open Burn Regulations

To apply online, fill out and submit the Burn Permit Form.

Steps Prior To Burning 

  1. Fill out the City of Cedar Hills’s Burn Permit form.

  2. Pay the City’s $20 Burn Permit fee.

  3. Get Permit Number upon approval.

Steps On Day Of Burning

  1. Call Dispatch Burn number (801-851-2876) to confirm that it is a green burn day.

  2. Complete State Burn Application. (http://air.utah.gov/OpenBurning/form/index.php).

  3. Make sure you have the City and State Applications on hand when you Burn.

  4. Be Safe!

Terms & Conditions For Burning

  • Only burn yard waste. Absolutely no burning of tires, plastic products, coated wire, or building products.

  • Items not grown on the property cannot be burned.

  • No burning of stumps, or limbs 4” or larger.

  • No burning ground clearing material, where material is for development purposes.

  • Only burn within permitted time period (March 30 to May 30).

  • No burning on Sundays.

  • Only burn when atmospheric conditions indicate it is safe, as determined by the Dispatch Burn Index. Call dispatch at 801-374-2876 prior to every burn for daily burn index.

  • Only burn when local conditions do not make it hazardous, such as high winds.

  • Only burn at a distance of more than 50 feet from any building, structure, or other combustible materials.

  • Make sure to have an adequate water supply or other fire extinguishing equipment available.

  • Burning must be constantly attended by a competent person and shall be completely extinguished before being left unattended.

  • Approved fuel breaks shall be established between the controlled burning area and any endangered property. The width of the fuel breaks shall be determined by the height, type, and amount of growth, wind conditions, geographical conditions and type of exposures.

  • All fires shall be completely extinguished before dark.

  • Adjacent neighbors shall be notified prior to burning.

  • Such burning shall not pose a threat to forest, range, or watershed lands.

  • Applicant will call Dispatch for burn index and complete the state burn application for each day you plan to burn.

Application: Open Burning Permit Form

Payment: American Fork Burn Permit Payment

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