Sign Permit

Within the City Code (off-site), see Title 10, Chapter 5, Article 26: SIGNS

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The purpose of the sign ordinance is to regulate and authorize the use of signs that are compatible with their surroundings, are conducive to promoting safety, limit visual distractions, and preserve and enhance property values. The standards and regulations in the ordinance help balance individual rights and promote civic beauty and order. This ordinance will assist in creating functional, human-scaled signs that are attractive to residents, businesses, and visitors.


With permission from property owners, approved signs may be placed on private property only. All signs of any type placed in the city’s right-of-way will be removed. The complete sign ordinance may be obtained at the city office or viewed from the link at the top of this page. Please refer to the complete sign ordinance regarding signs in residential zones, development signs, and signs in commercial zones, including a list of acceptable and unacceptable sign types.

The ordinance addresses a number of issues such as criteria for residential and commercial zone signs, placement of signs, required permits for signs, and other items.

Finding Other Codes and Ordinances

The City Code of the City of Cedar Hills contains codified ordinances. Newer adopted ordinances may supersede the provisions of this code to the extent that they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith. Consult the city office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded, or repealed. Using the search field on the City Code page is helpful in finding any topic of concern.