Firework Restrictions

While we have been fortunate to receive quite a bit of precipitation this season, the City Council has adopted restrictions related to fireworks and open fires based on recommendations from our local Fire Marshal.

The current restrictions prohibit any aerial fireworks or open fires east of Canyon Road or within 100 feet of areas shown in orange on the map. The use of other fireworks and covered fires (i.e. screen covers on fire pits) are allowed. Areas indicated in yellow have restrictions as well.

As per state law fireworks of any kind are only to be permitted in Utah during the following days:

July 2-5*
July 22-25*
New Year’s Eve
Chinese New Year’s Eve

*Per state law, fireworks can be discharged July 2 – July 5 and July 22 – July 25 between 11am-11pm. (On July 4th and July 24th, allowable time is extended until midnight) Please make sure that you review this information so you can safely and legally enjoy your fireworks!